EV Battery Technology Conference and Exhibition 2023


Long Beach, California, USA

EV Battery Technology Conference and Exhibition 2023

Battery technology is the future. The world’s emerging appetite is for electric vehicles. The automakers and companies for batteries are investing copiously to construct lighter, denser and affordable batteries. The formation and assembling of the battery signify its performance and cost. But for the future, wholly different chemistries and bigger breakthroughs are anticipating an emergence.

Electric power is the latest technology that is revolutionizing the auto industry. There are many kinds of batteries, but lithium-ion is emerging to be the dominating battery in technology. The battery technology is constantly being formulated in order to find alternative cell chemistry, to ensure that batteries are cheaper and more energy efficient.

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This is where our EV Battery Technology Conference and Exhibition 2023 is going to come in place and will provide you with an exclusive platform to divulge deeply into this subject. To let influential voices and key players from the EV industry speak about conviction. The conference will provide an exquisite opportunity for EV enthusiasts to behold all the latest and greatest the EV industry has to offer. From electric scooters to electric bikes to electric cars and buses, everything will be on a display to give you the best and a niche experience in the EV spectrum.

Why should you attend?

  • Batteries are the new gold rush for automakers and our conference would be the perfect market to cater for your demand.
  • Innovation comes from a variety of players, and we will have a whole team of veterans under one roof.
  • Knowing the information is not enough, engage with keynote speakers and feed your curiosity.
  • Add networking to your radar, and meet and greet with people who will have the corresponding goal as yours.
  • Supply can be easily created, but here, learn from the big bulls on how to create the demand.








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February 13-14, 2023